Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton Candy Maker, 2018 - 2019


Painted iron, 2 Full HD monitors, plush fabric, Bose speakers, audio, 250 x 250 x 150 cm

Cotton Candy Maker, from the KINDERGARTEN series of works on the violation of children's rights, is dedicated to child brides and the horrific ritual of infibulation. Giant pieces of jewellery - a pendant and a ring inspired by a princess play set, but without their precious stones - transmit crude, purple-tinged sequences of timeless dramas from their empty settings. In a merciless reversal of the scenario, the game has given way to the nightmare of senseless customs, interwoven with the sad sound of a music box from a shattered fairy tale. The contrasts inherent in the materials - the iron sugar-coated with a pink hue, yet contaminated and 'wounded', and the plush fabric, which is soft but black, without any colour - also highlight the contradiction in the way young girls have become nothing more than toys in the hands of adults.

Photo credits: DSC-Deivids Midegs IMG-Annemarija Gulbe


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