Cream Hand Mixer #0A

Cream Hand Mixer #0A, 2020

Giclée print, 340 gsm prestige baryta paper, print dimensions: 20 x 27,5 on a 23,5 x 30,5 cm sheet


Anna Skoromnaya has created limited-edition prints to raise money for the Association Frantz Fanon. The initiative was made possible by the support of Cultural Association Areacreativa42 and a generous art collector, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

40 copies of the limited-edition Giclée prints have been produced on 340 gsm prestige baryta paper, all dated and signed by the artist.

The work ‘Cream Hand Mixer #0A’ belongs to the ‘Kindergarten’ series, which addresses the issue of the denial of children's rights, and child labour in particular. The title ‘Cream Hand Mixer’, which recurs in several of the artist’s works alongside an anonymous progressive number, brings to mind a mixer that rotates endlessly, like the many nameless children exploited every day across the world.

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