Cream Hand Mixer

Cream Hand Mixer, 2017


Cor-Ten steel, painted iron, 4 Full HD monitors, video wall, Bose speakers and audio, 450 x 360 x 300 cm


'Cream Hand Mixer' is from the 'Kindergarten' cycle of works that tackles the topic of the violation and degradation of children's right. Dedicated to the topic of children used by adults as tools of labour, it comprises a series of sculptures that reproduce the outdoor play equipment found in a small children's park (a swing, a slide and a merry-go-round) and simultaneously work tools (a gear wheel, a conveyor belt and spanners). The sculptures contain within them videos of children forced to work and the audio of a nursery rhyme, distorting the playful function of the forms and bearing witness to the estrangement that takes place, where logic is replaced by tragedy.

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