Emergence, 2014


Lambda printing, light box with dynamic LED light and audio, 3' 25'' sequence, 105 x 91 x 8,5 cm


This work is part of the S.O.S. CODE cycle of artworks, in which the artist focuses attention on how thought processes and models of living are being transformed in contemporary society. Emergence outlines a psychological  transformation: fears, uncertainties and egoism lead us to hide out interior nature, wrapping ourselves in a shell that preserves us, but the same time isolates us, making us distant and sometimes incomprehensible. This work, with its message revealed in light by the Morse code sequence "desidero comunicare con voi" ("I want to communicate with you"), invites us to reflect on the n the need to overcome social divisions, to emerge from out closed, self-centred world and overcome our primordial fear of others.


−  ·  −  /  −  ·  −  /  −  ·  −  I want to communicate with you


'Emergence' (2014) from Anna Skoromnaya Art Studio on Vimeo.



Use the arrows below to view how the artwork transforms between o'00'' and 3'25''

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