Homeward, 2015


Lambda printing, light box with dynamic LED light and audio, 4' 49'' sequence, 180 x 130 x 8,5 cm


This work forms part of the S.O.S. CODE cycle in which the artist focuses attention on the transformation of thought processes in modern society. Homeward investigates the psychological development of a contemporary man who is restricted by individualism, but who finally discovers the meaning of his social being. The body that wearily rises towards the sun contains the full evocative power of the journey towards feeling part of a community. From a prostrate condition caused by a range of self-centred attitudes, the man moves to arrive at the ideal dimension that reconnects him with his most authentic self, where differences become values and represent the completeness of life. The pulsing light of the sun transmits a fateful request: "SOS, chiedo il permesso di ancorare" (SOS, give me permission to drop ancor")


−  −  ·  −  −  ·  ·  −  Give me permission to drop ancor


'Homeward' (2015) from Anna Skoromnaya Art Studio on Vimeo.



Use the arrows below to view how the artwork transforms between 0'00'' and 4'49''

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