Cotton Candy Maker #2

Cotton Candy Maker #2, 2018 - 2019


Painted iron, Full HD monitor, plush fabric, Bose speakers, audio, 250 x 150 x 150 cm

Cotton Candy Maker #2, from the KINDERGARTEN series of works on the violation of children's rights, is dedicated to the horrific ritual of infibulation. Giant piece of jewellery - a pendant inspired by a princess play set, but without its precious stone - transmit crude, purple-tinged sequences of timeless dramas from its empty setting. In a merciless reversal of the scenario, the game has given way to the nightmare of senseless customs, interwoven with the sad sound of a music box from a shattered fairy tale. The contrasts inherent in the materials - the iron sugar-coated with a pink hue, yet contaminated and 'wounded', and the plush fabric, which is soft but black, without any colour - also highlight the contradiction in the way young girls have become nothing more than toys in the hands of adults.

Photo credits: DSC-Deivids Midegs IMG-Annemarija Gulbe


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