Popcorn Machine #3

Popcorn Machine #3, 2017


Hologram, matte and gloss plexiglass and audio, 68 x 192 x 192 cm


This installation is part of the 'Kindergarten' cycle that tackles the topic of the violation of children's rights, and is dedicated to children used as instruments of death in pseudo-religious terrorism. In the geometric forms of children's building blocks the ideal and the real become confused: play is no longer the natural dimension of childhood, but instead the rough and destructive land of adults' madness. The images of the child soldier incorporated into one of the cubes, highlighting the profound distance between the cold weight of the weapon and the unwitting gaze of the young girl that holds it in her hands, almost as if it were a doll, create a jarring contrast between a betrayed childhood and violence that is unrestricted by any natural boundary.

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