Steps, 2014


Lambda printing, light box with dynamic LED light and audio,  7'35'' sequence, 180 x130 x 8,5 cm


This work, part of the S.O.S. CODE cycle of artworks in which the artist focuses attention on how thought processes and models of living are being transformed in contemporary society, outlines a psychological transformation, the search for a path to take for a clearer view of ourselves. As it evolves, Steps reveals the introspective journey required to become open to other viewpoints. The visual cycle narrated by the work outlines how to separate oneself from egoism and from a fear of differences, describing a breaking point that allows us to move towards our social nature, giving content to our humanity. Free from the burden that kept us tied down, step-by-step we give more authenticity to out life, as the Morse code message expressed by the final flashing light tells us: "Sto avanzando" ("I'm progressing")


−  −  ·  −  −  ·  ·  I'm progressing


'Steps' (2014) from Anna Skoromnaya Art Studio on Vimeo.



Use the arrows below to view how the artwork transforms between 0'00'' and 7'35''

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