Cover by Anna Skoromnaya – MASTACTVA Art Magazine

The February issue of the art magazine MASTACTVA features Anna Skoromnaya’s work on its cover. MASTACTVA is Belarus’ leading institutional art magazine, founded by the Ministry of Culture in 1983 and dedicated to the country’s latest cultural news in fields such as visual art, theatre and cinema. Cover image: Anna Skoromnaya, Cotton Candy Maker # 2,


Anna Skoromnaya Interview – MASTACTVA Art Magazine

By Liubou Hauryliuk, MASTACTVA art magazine, issue 2/2022, pp. 6-9.   Visual arts / Belarusians abroad ‘Who is Anna Skoromnaya?’ I have to admit, the first time I saw Anna Skoromnaya’s name was on an Italian poster – and not just any poster, either! The idea of a young Belarusian artist at the Arte Laguna


Cover by Anna Skoromnaya – Espoarte Digital

The 99 1/2 issue of the contemporary art magazine Espoarte Digital features Anna Skoromnaya’s work on its cover. Cover image: Anna Skoromnaya, Cream Hand Mixer #1, 2017, Cor-Ten Steel, painted iron,  3 Full HD monitors, video wall, Bose speaker, audio, 150 x 74 x 141 cm.