JCE Contemporary Art Biennale 2019-2021, Montrouge, Paris (France)

Le Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris
11 October – 3 November 2019

Anna Skoromnaya’s video installation Cotton Candy Maker is on display at the Le Beffroi de MontrougeThe exhibition, curated by Andrea Ponsini, is part of the JCE (Jeune Creation Europeenne) Contemporary Art Biennale 2019-2021 in which Anna Skoromnaya is one of the eight artists to represent Italy.

The JCE Contemporary Art Biennale 2019-2021 offers a preview of new directions in European art. A unique panorama of a new generation of artists, the exhibition provides a veritable map of the hopes, questions, and concerns of contemporary artists on the European continent, juxtaposing a variety of artistic approaches and environments, some of which collide while others resonate in terms of vision, practice, and media.

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