Trento Art Festival 2022

2 – 6 October 2022


Anna Skoromnaya was invited to develop a special project for the Trento Art Festival 2022. In her solo show Skoromnaya presents her first series of NFTs ‘False AND True: a Boolean Game’.

Trento Art Festival is an online festival dedicated to operators of the Italian and international art scene. In the second edition 65 projects from Italy, France, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania and Spain in an exhibition of 26.000 virtual square meters. The Festival was born digital and thanks to the network and all the participants it is finding its identity. An innovative project for the European scene. The project was born in 2020, developed with eco-sustainable principles as a response to the traditional dating crisis. Collectors, professionals and contemporary art enthusiasts by connecting to the Festival website, will be able to virtually immerse themselves in the artworks of individual artists and galleries, browsing in 3D in virtual rooms of 400 square meters.

Find out more about Trento Art Festival here

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